Our Brews:

Sheldon Bush
Cream Ale 6.3 ABv

American Ale
Amber Ale   4.6 ABv

IPA 6.5 ABv

English IPA
British Golden Ale  6.5 ABv

Backroom IPA
IPA   6.3 ABv

Big Tree Pale Ale
Pale Ale    ABv

Blondie’s Pale Ale
Pale Ale    6.8 ABv

Bessy's Best Milk Stout
Stout 5.6 ABv

Muddy Russian 

Imperial Stout 9.4 ABV


*We offer beers that rotate using our smaller system. These are some of the beers from the list of custom brew your own beer.*

​*Now serving wines from Johnson Estates and Savage Winery*